November 19, 2017


Our toolkits are shorter handbooks that have been produced by IFM-SEI on a sub-topic of our work with issues with tips, background information and educational materials on a certain topic. The vision and content are usually created by groups of volunteers that are passionate and engaged on a given topic.

Inclusion: All Together 2.0

This toolkit on social inclusion wasn developed by the All Together 2.0 project in 2014. It includes several activities, that you can use all in one workshop, or pick and choose for different group nights.

Getting out, getting skills

This publication around nonformal education, volunteering and outdoor education contains contributions from 24 EVS volunteers who volunteered in 13 IFM-SEI member organisations in 2013/2014.

IFM-SEI Camp 2016 Preparation Pack

camp prep pack

The IFM-SEI Camp's Group Helper School team put together a pack full of activities for groups in preparation for  'Welcome to Another World'. 

English  Spanish German

UNCRC 25th Anniversary

For the 25th anniversary of the United Nations Convention on Children's Rights, we developed an anniversary pack with educational activities on children's rights and ideas on how to raise awareness of the UNCRC.

IFM-SEI Membership Campaign

This membership campaign pack includes activities on international friendship and solidarity to introduce IFM-SEI to its grassroots members.


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