November 3, 2016

On the Move

'On the Move', it's an exciting and ambitious project for 2016–2018 which will cover everything from dealing with visa obstacles to raising awareness of the challenges facing young refugees and migrants and better including them in our organisations. The project will tackle many issues around mobility, all of which are relevant to young people living in a globalised world and who do not want to be stopped by borders!

To know more about

Read what the OTM project is about with the help of some smily people! Click on the questions to know the answer.

What is the 'On the Move' Project?

What is its objective?

Who is taking part of the project?

What are the activities and meetings in the project?

Expert Meetings

Now all the seminars have taken place with people from the diferent organisations.

We have had problems in all of them to get the visas, meaning that we couldn't get all the experiences from the regions that we wanted due to the actual system.


Online Courses

The first one about migration and refugees is taking place and you can read more about it here.

The next one about regional youth work is being prepared by the participants from the last seminar.

Find here the link to go to the e-learning platform.

Visas Platform

As a result of the second seminar we have a website with lots of information and activities to deal with the opic of visas in IFM-SEI.

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