November 18, 2017

Prospective Members

Want to become a member of IFM-SEI?

IFM-SEI is an umbrella organisation of child and youth movements throughout the world. Without our member organisations, we wouldn't exist and we are always looking for new partners to join our network. We are always keen to forge new partnerships with organisations that share our vision for an equal world in which children’s rights are fully respected and young people are able to participate actively in decision-making and society as a whole. We are a socialist movement and together with other progressive organisations we fight for a world where people are put before profit. Outlined below you can find the criteria for becoming a member of IFM-SEI, the benefits of being a member of IFM-SEI, and the responsibilities of member organisations.

Criteria for IFM-SEI membership

1. Accept the aims and principles and constitution of IFM-SEI

2. Be primarily by and for children and young people and hold regular activities with them

3. Undertake educational work using non-formal education methodology

4. Ensure participation of children and young people in your decision-making structures

5. Ensure gender equality in your structures and activities

6. Have a democratic structure with the governing documents sent to the IFM-SEI in Spanish, French or English

7. Not be a member of any other international organisation that goes against the aims and principles of IFM-SEI

Benefits of IFM-SEI membership

IFM-SEI has member organisations in approximately 40 countries worldwide. Our members join because they believe in the principle of internationalism and of young people working together to build a better world. Joining IFM-SEI enables organisations to:

1. Engage with one-another, sharing ideas, experiences, advice and solidarity. This sharing happens at our meetings and activities as well as virtually.

2. Participate in international camps, seminars, projects and meetings at global and regional level (sometimes funding is found to support participation but this cannot be guaranteed at times organisations must find their own funding to participate).

3. Be part of a bigger movement, working towards the same goals and ensuring the voices of your members are heard. IFM-SEI represents its member organisations at meetings of the United Nations, regional inter-governmental organisations, the Socialist International and with global youth organisations.

4. Be part of a communication and support network ensuring you hear about external participation and funding opportunities and can offer advice and support to one another .

Responsibilities of members

Contributing with ideas: Each member organisation should commit to contributing to the development of our movement, participating wherever possible in our democracy and sharing their ideas and experiences with others.

Committing to aims and principles: When they join, member organisations must commit to our aims and principles. They must run their organisations and activities according to our values. It is particularly important that children and young people are actively involved in the decision-making processes of the organisations. If member organisations are found to violate IFM-SEI aims and principles, the International Committee or Congress will discuss the internal actions of a member organisation and may suspend membership or expel organisations.

Contributing with finances: Each member organisation also has the responsibility to pay a membership fee each year. Without this membership fee IFM-SEI is unable to run our activities and statutory meetings. The fee system is based on the resources and financial capacities of organisations. The current fees system is as follows for the period 2016-19 (per year) for member organisations:

  • Lowest category (€ 20 per month) - 240€
  • Small or less resourced organisations - 500€
  • Medium-sized organisations - 1,000€
  • Medium-sized to big organisations - 2,500€
  • Financially strong organisations - 5,500€
  • Financially strongest organisations - 8,000€

Still interested?

If you are still interested in applying for candidate membership of IFM-SEI, then you can download the IFM-SEI candidate membership application form or contact the IFM-SEI secretariat for more information at

According to the IFM-SEI Constitution, prospective organisations apply to become candidate members the first instance. After one year, and up to three years, candidate member organisations can apply for full membership of IFM-SEI.