November 16, 2017

Our Governing Documents

IFM-SEI Constitution

The IFM-SEI Constitution is the core governing document of the organisation. The Constitution is updated every three years at the IFM-SEI Congress and outlines the role of the governance bodies, membership procedures and democratic structures of the movement.

Download the IFM-SEI Constitution 2016

IFM-SEI Rules of Procedure

The IFM-SEI Rules of Procedure outline how decisions should be made in IFM-SEI, including the timeframes for the preparation of statutory meetings. The Rules of Procedure are amended and agreed at each Congress.

Download the IFM-SEI Rules of Procedure (2016)

IFM-SEI Strategic Work Plan 2016-19

The educational, political and organisational work of IFM-SEI works on a three-year cycle between Congresses. The member organisations feed into the development process and the Presidium and Secretariat are responsible for delivering the strategic work plan. The strategic work plan 2016-19 is organised into eight thematic areas with five cross-cutting themes.

IFM-SEI Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct aims to set limits and to explain how we, as an educational movement, can deal in situations when our safe space and basic values are violated. It outlines our values and the lines that cannot be crossed and ens ures that all of the work with children and young people is based on non-hierarchical relations between leaders and children. It is a living document that will develop over time and will be regularly reviewed based on our evolving experience.