I Act – Online platform!

We have been talking about the project I Act for quite a bit, now. First, it was the online campaign, and this year we got the grant from the Council of Europe and the European Youth Foundation to do a yearlong work plan project.

One of the parts of the project is an online platform where we have a space to share what we do within our organisation and with the rest of the world. During this week we will update this article and do some posts on Facebook presenting the different parts of the platform.

This platform will be updated as the project advances with more resources and info. What we now have comes mainly from the campaign, some additions from the Training of Trainers are already there, but there is much more to come!

But you can also contribute to it! When we present each part, we will tell you exactly, but you can already look through it and find the places where you can!

Main Page

For now, have a look at the main page: you can get there via this link, clicking on the I act logo on the right hand on any page of the website (except the main page) or from the main page clicking on the I act logo in the little circle under the main image.

This page works as the starting point of everything, from here you can go to the other parts of the website and see an overview of the project.

How would you act?

The first section we introduce to you is “How would you act?” This section is full of the scenarios we developed for the online campaign.

These scenarios are well though to describe situations where sexual violence happens, in environments close to us as organisation but also in more general ones. In this situations we ask you, how would you act? Where would you intervene as an active bystander?

Basically, in which moment of the scene could you intervene as a person witnessing the situation to prevent the situation to escalate, to stop the sexual violence to happen or continue.

This section is divided in languages and scenarios. In each language page you can see all the scenarios in that language (thanks to all the volunteer translators!) and from each one you can go to the page for the specific scenario where you can read how and when other people would intervene.

You want to add your language? Get in contact with us at contact@ifm-sei.org and tell us! We have the translation sheet ready to go and we always like to have more languages!

Map of Action

The second part we want to present you is the “Map of action”, it’s basically a map where each marker represents an action taken against sexual violence.

These actions can be as “simple” as challenging a sexist joke or as big as you want, we want to fill in the map with as many green thumbprints as we can!

For now, as you can see we have just a few thumbprints, they correspond to activities of the project: the focus group meeting to prepare everything, the training of trainers, so we want you to add to it!

Fill in this form (you can also find it there) telling about the action you took. We ask for your name and email, but that is just so we can contact you, it won’t show on the map or anywhere, the only thing that will show is what you fill in the part of the form called “About the action”.

If you want to add an image is as easy as to send it to us in our email referring to the map of action in the subject and don’t forget to fill in the form as well.


Today we present the resources page. In this page you will able to find resources related to the campaign and is going to be updated as more are created.

For now, we basically have the resources from the original campaign: videos and the flowchart of consent.

The videos explain some concepts surrounding the project and the flowchart of consent is a visual tool to see if a person has consent to do something with someone else.

Then you can find two other sections: useful links and downloads where you can download various things from other sections of the website.

The other big thing that will be in this page is a booklet or collection of activities developed by participants of the training of trainers to work on the prevention of sexual violence with children, young people and leaders and trainers.


In this section you can find all the published news about the project (like this article!). Look at it and be the first to know everything!

Training of trainers

Read this short chronicle of what happened during the training of trainers that took place this May in darsham, UK (and look at us working)

Action Day

November 25th is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and it will be a very special day for this project where we will try to have a lot of activities about the topic around the world so we can spread the word and change the world. For now you can only see a countdown clock (that you can add to your page, read how there) but as we have more information we will update it.

We hope you’ll join us!