March 21, 2016


IFM-SEI regularly runs campaigns to raise awareness of political issues and share our political views and concerns with the public.

Smash Patriarchy

As a campaign for the 16 days to end violence against women and gender non-conforming people, the Rainbow network of IFM-SEI launched this campaign where everyday person of group of people from our organisation took a photo and added a slogan against gender-based violence and for feminism. The photo was accompanied by a small text with our demands and values. Thanks to everyone who participated!

You can read here the news article.

'I act' for the prevention of sexual violence

green thumb white ifmWe ran a Facebook campaign to raise awareness that sexual violence happens within our movement and in each of our organisations. The campaign explores the role that power structures play in sexual violence, thinks about what sexual violence can be and about active consent. Finally it promotes responsibility for everyone to be an active bystander, stand up and speak out against all forms of sexual violence.

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Gender equality campaign


Gender Equality Campaign LogoWe are a feminist organisation. We fight against patriarchy and for equality of all genders. We reject the gender binary and recognise that there are more than two genders. We do not accept that women and non-binary gendered people still face discrimination on a day-to-day basis in all societies. Therefore we educate for equal rights and awareness of gender stereotypes, discrimination and privileges and we use affirmative action and tools such as the gender quota in our organisations.

In 2014, the IFM-SEI Presidium launched our gender equality campaign, to raise awareness that also within our own movement there is still a lot to do to really achieve equality between all genders. We ran a photo campaign on social media to raise awareness of gender equality, published a handbook with educational resources on gender equality, and adopted a motion on gender equality inside our member organisations at the International Committee Meeting 2015.

handbook cover_gender equality

IFM Handbook on gender equality


Ten reasons why we should empower women and girls


Ten reasons why we shouldn't be sexist

18 days for the elimination of violence against women

stopviolence_blIn the framework of the 18 days for the elimination of violence against women, we launched another photo campaign, showing that violence against women happens everywhere, every day and to every woman.

Happy Anniversary, Children's Rights Convention

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child is a key document in all our work. Through peer education, we aim to educate children and young people about Rights of the childtheir rights and support them to ensure they are respected.

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the UNCRC on 20th November 2014, and to raise awareness that so often children’s rights are not respected, we ran a “Happy Anniversary” campaign in 2014.

We sent an Open Letter to the President of the European Commission and the UN Secretary General, and many of our member organisations forwarded it to their national governments. We published children’s rights online and developed a anniversary pack full of ideas on what children’s groups could do to celebrate children’s rights.