February 19, 2016


IFM SEI world map of membership

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Antar Bharati
Antar Bharati protects children from harm and exploitation and enables them to participate in decisions directly affecting their lives to build the foundation of a just society. They organise camps, seminars and a micro-finance bank for women. Antar Bharati works with street children and has a children hospital.
The child rights organisation KKSP works in Medan and targets children in need of special protection, such as those who are economically and sexually exploited or in situations of emergency, for example internally displaced children and victims of disasters.
YOB operates in exile in eastern Nepal and works with children, young people and women in Bhutanese refugees camps. YOB works against all forms of exploitation such as child labour, people trafficking and drug abuse amongst young people. They conduct programmes to empower young people in decision-making processes within the framework of democratic ideals and values.


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