On the Move – Kicking off a new global project

VISA photo‘On the Move’, it is an exciting and ambitious project for 2016–2018 which will cover everything from dealing with visa obstacles to raising awareness of the challenges facing young refugees and migrants and better including them in our organisations. The project will tackle many issues around mobility, all of which are relevant to young people living in a globalised world and who do not want to be stopped by borders!

The partner organisations for the project come from Africa, Latin America and Europe. They are:

Africa: Youth Advocates Ghana, Pionniers du Mali, Pionniers du Senegal, OGCEYOD and ASYOUSED (Cameroon)

Latin America: Nueva Generación (Bolivia), Mirim Brasil, MILAVF (Nicaragua) and Los Cachorros (Peru)

Europe: Esplac (Catalunya), Kinderfreunde/Rote Falken (Austria), Woodcraft Folk (UK) and SJD Die Falken (Germany)

They will meet for the first time at the IFM-SEI camp to kick off the project! All partners are invited to participate at the On the Move meeting that will take place on 26th July from 14:00 – 18:00. Find the invitation in english here and here in Spanish).

Expert meeting Migration and refugees, 16-23 October 2016

From 16-23 October, the first On the Move seminar will take place in Barcelona. All partner organisations will send one participant to a seminar on migration and refugees.

In a small group of around 15 people, we will:

  • Reflect and educate – on the causes and effects of migration and our realities. We will discuss the topic of migration study session2015and refugees within the capitalist system and how it affects different communities.
  • Discuss and share – our practical experiences in dealing with migration – in countries where people leave, and where they arrive.
  • Planning and supporting others – develop ideas for an online training on the same topic for more members of IFM-SEI

Find the invitation here in English  and here in Spanish.

The seminar is only open to the partner organisations, but in the beginning of 2017 we will offer an online training for everyone interested in the topic, so look out for more information at the end of 2016!