IYF training to collect data on human rights violations

iyf training courseIndependent Youth Forum, Palestine is collecting data on human rights violations by Israel in the targeted areas in East Jerusalem, monitoring  a number of violations in different topics such as reduction of freedom of movement, access to education and health services, as well as the confiscation of lands, house demolitions, and arrests of children.

To continue their 2016 project ‘Harnessing Palestinian Capacity to Claim and Advocate for their Rights through Video Evidence in East Jerusalem’, IYF implemented a specialized training course for 6 days in the IYF office.


15 members and volunteers joined the training which was separated into four parts:

Part 1: one day training on communications skills.7

Part 2: two days training on the conceptual framework of human rights and the methods for monitoring and documenting human rights violations.

Part 3: two days training on technical issues about documenting violations of human rights

Part 4: one day training  on  photography, video, and how to use the camera.

All the of above training was done according to international law and international humanitarian law principles.

The main goal of collecting the data is to publish the violations and the research results through a book and data bank for reach international advocacy.