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We empower children and young people to take an active role in society and fight for their rights.
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Keep up to date with the latest information and news from IFM-SEI and our member organisations.

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IFM-SEI regularly publishes handbooks with educational activities, tools and tips on many different issues.

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The dates of all of IFM-SEI’s upcoming international activities like seminars, training courses and camps.

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IFM-SEI runs campaigns to raise awareness of political issues and share our views and concerns with the public.

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I Act

I Act is the new project of IFM-SEI dealing with the prevention of sexual violence in our organisations.

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The Group Matters

The Group Matters project aims to strengthen groups as the core cells of our movement where crucial education and youth empowerment takes place.

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Our Partners

IFM-SEI receives funding from the European Commission’s Erasmus+ programme and the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

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You can order cool IFM-SEI t-shirts and hoodies and buy lots of very useful educational handbooks in different languages.

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