Peers without Frontiers


In this one-year project we set up a global network of peer educators on the MDGs. The participants shared approaches to peer education and supported each other in developing local projects. These projects have been implemented in 16 communities in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe and reached more than 2000 young people in the communities, 800 participants of IFM’s global festival and several thousand users of the educational materials.

Impact: All participants gained transferable skills and self-confidence through the activities. They form a strong network, motivated to contribute to our movement’s aims at local, national and global level. Their projects had a strong impact on their local peers; they feel more connected to the global movement and are empowered to deal with specific challenges in their communities.

You can access the full Peers without Frontiers handbook full of activities around the MDGs here: under IFM-SEI publications (English, Spanish and French)

For individual sections and activities, search the toolbox.

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