June 21, 2017

Visa Platform


"Consciousness is only possible through change; change is only possible through movement"

Aldous Huxley, Art of seeing.

As part of the global project On The Move, 15 people from different IFM-SEI member organisations got together in Recife, Brasil to learn and share experiences about visas. This is the result of 7 days of working together and some more weeks of working online.

The objective of this website is to share information, about the visa process, our experiences and some general info; give educational resources for children and young people in our organisations and the wider world so future generations are better informed and have a critical perspective on visas and campaigning to raise awareness on the topic and give our demands, especially for our members coming to our events.

For now you can see the first two parts in the form of the sections of visa process and useful links and in the section on educational resources

Visa Process

Educational Resources

Share Experiences

Useful links

About Schengen visas

Schengen visa FAQs: Has loads of practical information

Which nationalities need a visa to enter Europe: Lists nationalities that need a short stay Schengen visa and those that are exempt

Which nationalities need an airport transit visa for which Schengen countries: Tells you if you need an airport transit visa, based on your nationality and the country you're passing through

Documents needed for a Schengen visa: A clear list from the official website NB this whole webpage is very useful and accessible

Video - How to fill a schengen visa application form

General information about Schengen visa: You can go here or here

About embassies

As we don't have the capacity to keep and up to date list of embassies, please find below a list of useful website to check for embassies around the world.

Embassy world

Embassy Worldwide

Embassy Finder

Go Abroad

Maps of the World - Embassy finder