February 19, 2016


IFM SEI world map of membership

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Armenian Youth Federation
AYF has 10,000 members across the world. They encourage Armenian youth to engage with politics, fight for the Armenian cause, struggle against injustice and combat discrimination. AYF encourages participation in civil society, socialist and democratic values, and promotes human rights.
DUI-LEG og VIRKE is an independent children’s, youth and family organisation based on the labour movement's values. It has 50 local branches across Denmark where children and adults jointly plan activities like music, singing, fun sports, camps, exchanges, and more. Its purpose is to give children the opportunity for self-development in respect and cooperation with other people.
Esplais Catalans (Esplac) is an association of local progressive and secular non-profit organisations (esplais) that use nonformal education to promote social transformation based on children's rights. There are over 100 esplais in towns across Catalonia. Esplac facilitates training for helpers and organises campaigns.
Les Faucons Rouges
Les Faucons Rouges is a youth movement across Wallonia and Brussels. Faucons Rouges was born from the working class and prioritises socially deprived areas. They offer cultural, sporting, creative and educational activities for all young people. The movement is committed to the values of solidarity, equality, democracy and tolerance.
Fénix offers leisure activities for children and young people through regular meetings and free-time events. They strive to help young people to prepare for the world as it is, but also enthuse them to take part in the formation of the world in which they would like to live, helping them to gain skills and experience along the way.
Framfylkingen organises recreational activities across Norway. Its fundamental values are of freedom, equality, and solidarity. Framfylkingen is a political organisation because they fight for the influence and rights of children. They also consider it important to teach children to love and take care of nature.
Georgian Falcons
The Georgian Falcons have numerous school and university clubs. They address social inequalities, the violation of human and children’s rights, gender inequality, exclusion, non-participatory system, conflicts and environmental issues.
Hungarian Childfriends
The Movement of Hungarian Childfriends organises recreation programmes and summer camps for children and their families, and places great emphasis on supporting children in need, for example refugee children who arrive in Hungary. Developing democratic skills and the representation of the interests of children are important values.
Lithuanian Young Falcon Union
LYFU unites children and young people who meet every week in groups across Lithuania. LYFU runs educational and inclusion projects and strives for the recognition of children’s opinions in decision-making processes. It educates for solidarity, equality, morality, justice, democracy, human and children’s rights, creative and critical thinking.
Nuoret Kotkat
Nuoret Kotkat supports children and youth to be co-operative, active and responsible citizens. It promotes values such as gender equality, democracy, internationalism, justice, solidarity and community spirit and defends children’s rights in Finland and internationally.
Czech Republic
Pionýr focuses on nonformal, educational activities organised during leisure time. It has a long tradition with the Pioneer Movement and uses play as the main educational tool. As a voluntary and open organisation Pionýr protects the interests of their members but also fight for the needs of other children.
De Rode Valken
Rode Valken is a traditional youth and children’s organisation in Flanders, Belgium. It organises wekly activities in local groups, local camps during school holidays, visits to public places like museums and other national activities.
Rote Falken/ Kinderfreunde
Rote Falken Kinderfreunde Österreich works for a child-friendly society based on democratic co-existence. With origins in the workers’ movement its core values are freedom, equality, justice, and solidarity. Rote Falken runs activities in local groups, kindergartens and projects which enable children and young people to take the terms of social democracy into their own hands.
Die Rote Falken in der Schweiz
Games, fun and solidarity come first in regular group meetings of the Rote Falken in Switzerland but they also promote sustainable thinking, self-determination and creativity. The organisation aims to show children and young people that their opinion counts and to offer them alternatives to the adult, consumer society.
SJD - Die Falken
In The Sozialistische Jugend Deutschlands - Die Falken the young members conceive their own political ideas with one another. SJD is in favour of more democracy, social justice, equality and social change. They try to realise their opinions, dreams and hopes for the future in their everyday lives today.
Slovenian Falcons
The Slovenian Falcons Union is a newly-founded organisation based on the principles of solidarity and friendship, children's rights, internationalism and broader ideas of democratic socialism; gender equality, the establishment of sustainable peace, environmental protection, equality of nations on an international scale and the fight against racism and anti-Semitism.
Unga Örnar
Unga Örnar is a Swedish working-class children’s and youth organisation that is passionate about equality and children's rights. It fights for the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in Sweden and the world. Unga Örnar thinks that inequality in society is a problem and ensures that everyone is able to participate in activities.
Woodcraft Folk
United Kingdom
Woodcraft Folk is a co-operative children and young people's movement. It runs hundreds of grassroots education groups in towns and cities across the UK where young people of all ages meet to play games, make friends and learn about big issues from climate change to social justice through co-operative activities.
Falcons of Belarus
Socialist Youth of Belarus is a non-governmental union of Belarusian social democratic youth. At present they are the only social democratic youth movement in Belarus. United with the ideas of freedom, equality, solidarity and social justice they use non-formal education and political actions to change the political situation in Belarus. The rights of women, LGBTQIA people and human rights are core to their values.




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