Tool "Love and Music"

Language: English

In this activity, children explore different types of love relationships through music and dance.

Time 60-90 minutes
Approximate number of participants Up to 30
Age under 10, 10-15
Date published 9 Dec 2011, 13:04


To explore how love relationships are portrayed in popular music

To consider what kinds of relationships exist and who can love whom

To enjoy making music together


Music player with speakers
Songs about love from the charts and their lyrics (preferably in the language of the group)
Space to dance, preferably different rooms
Optional: A projector to show the lyrics
Flipchart paper and pens

Step-by-step instructions

1. Play songs about love from the charts to the group. The group can either sit and listen or dance if they feel like being energetic.

2. After you have played each one, discuss:

Who is singing this song (are they a man/ woman/ group of people)?

Who are they singing to/ about?

What is the message of the song?

Take notes of their answers on a flipchart. It will be helpful to project the song lyrics onto a wall.

3. Divide the children into smaller groups. Each group should write a song about different kinds of love. (Suggest they pick the tune of an existing song and just write new lyrics.)

4. If some in your group like to dance, suggest that they create a dance to go with their new song.

5. Perform the songs to each other.


What kinds of relationships did we hear about in the songs?

Are there any other kinds of relationships that you know about?

Why do you think most songs are about love between a man and a woman?

Do you know of any songs about other kinds of relationships?

Can anyone love anyone?

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