Tool "Disability inclusion: Communication Symbols"

Language: English

This tool can be used to assist groups in communicating without words. It can help to express feelings, opinions and views of people who have no other way to communicate or for everybody to ensure topics are visible.

Time approx. 15 min.
Approximate number of participants 2- ?
Age not relevant
Date published 19 Feb 2010, 09:03


  • symbol cards (the symbol cards can include emotions, foods, activities or pictures of anything else you want to talk about)
  • door mats (to stick the symbols on)
  • camera


  • photos
  • drawn pictures


You can use this tool wherever you like.

Step-by-step instructions

See powerpoint guide


Questions How did it feel to communicate without words? Were you able to express yourself fully? How could this tool be used to express feelings? Are there limitations to this tool? How could you use the tool in a group setting?


Start slowly with only a couple of symbols. Be careful when asking about very personal matters.

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