Tool "Adapting methods"

Language: English

This session was designed for a longer inclusion training course. The aim is to put into practice what participants had learned during the week about inclusion.

Time 6 hours
Approximate number of participants 20 to 30
Age 15+
Date published 24 Feb 2010, 09:36


  • Instructions on flipchart
  • Educational manuals
  • Whatever materials each group needs for their chosen activity


  • Several spaces for small groups to prepare

Step-by-step instructions

1)Introduction Introduce the session aim and process. Divide participants into their groups, explaining the rationale for the grouping if necessary. Then explain that they have to find a method out of the pile of manuals and adapt it to make it more inclusive or to raise awareness of inclusion.

Also explain that there will be feedback after each 60-min session, led by the training team, that focuses on the methods – use, variations etc

NB it’s OK to have two groups choose the same activity, as there will be two parallel sessions running.

  1. Planning

As participants do their planning, walk round, monitor and help out if necessary. Show them where the necessary materials and resources are. Give time reminders if necessary We can also start to make the schedule for the 4 practice sessions during this time: • Keep preparation groups together as participants • Ensure that each prep group has the same number of participants • Work out which member of the training team will be where, and think about whether some groups might need support from specific teamers

  1. Practice

As they come back after lunch, ensure that each of the small groups is ready. Quick opening plenary: for an energiser and to remind people of the aims & focus of the session (we are not grading them as facilitators but we all want to learn about the methods and their uses). Also clarify the running order if necessary.

During the activities, give time reminders as necessary

If any of the pax request feedback on their facilitation, offer to do that afterwards in the break – maybe using a feedback sandwich (positive- constructive-positive)?

  1. Put methods on the Webpage

Putt the adapted methods on the All together webpage, also include the feedback, notes and pictures.


After the 60 mins, lead a reflective discussion, focusing on the method used. Here are some possible questions for that discussion: • Ask participants to recall all the steps of the method used • What did you like about this method? What did you dislike? • In what ways did the facilitation team adapt the activity to suit this group of participants today?

  • How did they bring in inclusion or awareness raising?

• How might it work with your home organisation? • How might you adapt or modify it? • What did you learn from this experience? (to facilitation team and to participants)
Record some key points from the discussion on flipchart

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