Tool "How to write a good slogan"

Language: English

This activity will help the group to come up with slogans for their campaign.

Time 60 minutes
Approximate number of participants 4+
Age 10-15
Date published 3 Feb 2012, 15:40


To come up with slogans for a campaign


Flipchart paper, masking tape, pens, markers
Slogans (see appendix)


Write each slogan on a piece of paper. (appendix)

Step-by-step instructions

1. Start by asking the group why they think slogans are important for their campaigns. What do they want to achieve with a good slogan? Let them discuss in pairs for two minutes and ask them to share afterwards. Note their answers on a flipchart.
2. Put the slogans (copied from appendix) in the middle of the room. Give participants some minutes to go through the room and read all of them. They should choose the one they like most and stand next to it.
3. Ask everyone to read out their preferred slogan. Then come back in to a circle. Ask everyone why they like their particular slogan.
Do they make you think?
Do they inspire you?
Why (not)?
Write their answers on a flipchart and let them discuss if they disagree.
4. Explain that you want to write inspiring slogans that will help to achieve your campaign aim. Put several pieces of flipchart paper taped together in the middle of the room. If you have more than 10 participants, use two posters and split the group. Write the aim of your campaign in the middle of the poster.
5. Explain that the group can write or draw whatever comes to their mind related to this aim. Emphasise that this is a group process; they don’t have to come up with a slogan immediately. It is important to be influenced by the ideas of others. It’s okay to just write a word, or an idea, or to draw something. They should react to what others have written, making questions, contradictions, suggestions… Always having in mind what they liked about other slogans and what they want to achieve with their slogan. They should never only write ‘yes’ or ‘no’.
6. When the poster is full or participants get tired, it is time to choose the slogans that they want to use in the campaign. Everyone should take a marker and circle the text or texts they like most. If they think that something needs to be changed or added, they can still do this now.
7. Come back together and read out the texts that are circled most. Write them on a separate flipchart. Is there anything someone still wants to change in the wording?
** 8.** You can end the workshop by painting the slogans onto coloured paper or bed sheets or to lay them out on a computer.


You can find the appendix in the attach file

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