Tool "How Bad are Bananas?"

Language: English

In this activity participants discuss the impact of different actions on their carbon footprint.

Time 60 minutes
Approximate number of participants 5 - 26
Age 10-15
Date published 3 Feb 2012, 12:34


To encourage participants to reflect on the carbon intensity of different activities
To get a feeling for the carbon intensity of different activities
To show how difficult it is to calculate the difference in carbon intensity of different activities **
**To raise awareness of the necessity to take action individually and also on the political level


Cards, markers, pens
Masking tape
Music player


Write the items/activities from the appendix on cards (only the bold writing, not the numbers and explanations!)

Step-by-step instructions

1. Spread the activity cards on the floor. Put the music on. Participants should dance around and when the music stops take a card. They should discuss with two other people who they think has the card with the highest carbon footprint. Repeat this a few times.
2. The last time, everyone should stick their card onto them.
3. Ask everyone in the big group to form a line, with high impact carbon items at one end of the room, and lower impact activities on the other end of the room. They should discuss with each other while trying to form an order.
4. When they have decided on a line, ask everyone to say what they are. Then they can put their card on the floor in the same order.
5. If there are any disagreements, allow for short discussion on these cards. Then give the missing information about the carbon footprint of the activities. Participants can add the numbers to the cards.
6. Ask participants to choose the activities that they can’t have any individual influence on, but that need to be carried out by a higher level (city administration, national politics…) and put them in a separate line.


Why did you put them in this order?
Were there many disagreements in the group?
Was anything very easy to place? What was difficult to decide on? Why?

Make it clear that it is always very difficult to put activities in an order, because a complete measurement of all greenhouse gas emissions of an activity is almost impossible. However, there are many estimates made by researchers and it is better to have a rough measurement than to not think about the carbon footprint of these things at all.

On which end of the line are the activities that can be carried out at individual level?
Should we start reducing our carbon footprint through individual actions or by focusing on influencing the political level?

You can find the appendix in the attach file

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