August 2, 2017

Our Structures

IFM-SEI Congress

Our highest decision-making body is the IFM-SEI Congress, which is held every three years. Every member organisation sends delegates to the Congress in order to share our work, discuss our priorities, take decisions on policies, programmes and finances and to elect the leadership of IFM-SEI. The Congress also adopts the strategic work plan that defines our priorities and actions for the next three-year period.


International Committee meetings

In the years without a Congress, we hold the International Committee (IC) meetings. These smaller international meetings to discuss the progress of our movement, holds any by-elections and offers a space to learn from each other and take political decisions. In each three-year cycle, one IC meeting takes place inside Europe and one outside of Europe. The last IC meeting took place in Portorož, Slovenia, in July 2016 (pictured below), preceded by IC Lima (Peru) 2015 and IC Antwerp (Belgium) 2014.


Thematic Networks

IFM-SEI has five thematic networks that lead on the educational and political work around key topics on which IFM-SEI focuses, and contributes to the deliver of the strategic work plan in those given areas. The current thematic networks are:

Rainbow NetworkIdentity and Being: The first official thematic network of IFM-SEI is our Rainbow Network of LGBTQI activists of our member organisations from around the world. IFM-SEI has a long history of gender and sexuality rights education, and the Rainbow Network supports members in their struggle for more equality and promotes this important topic within our movement. Get involved through the Facebook group: IFM-SEI Rainbow Network.

Feminist Network: In Congress 2016 the Feminist Network was created, forming a network of feminist activist in our member organisations from around the world. Get involved through the Facebook group: IFM-SEI Feminist Network.

Migration Network: Through to On The Move and Children on the Move projects, a new Migration Network was established and has been organising campaigns, creating educational tools and a platform to share good practice on the inclusion of young refugees and migrants in our movements. The current Migration Network Coordinator is David Persson from Unga Örnar (Sweden). Get involved through the Facebook group: IFM-SEI Migration Network.

Accessibility Network: The Accessibility Network was created during the All In study session, which looked at how to better include young disabled people, in partnership with the European Network on Independent Living (ENIL) Youth Network. The current efforts of the network are focusing on developing an accessibility strategy for IFM-SEI and working on guidelines to make activities accessible to all.

Anti-Capitalist Network: Created by a working group at the All In study session, the Anti-Capitalist Network is in its early stages, focusing on a anti-capitalist toolkit through creative activism.

Regional Networks

These networks offer space for members within each region work together closely to support each other. There are four active regional networks:

The European Falcon Network (EFN) holds an annual regional seminar, as well as smaller side meetings at other activities. The last EFN seminar took place in Helsinki (Finland) and Stockholm (Sweden) and on a ferry between (see pictured).

The Middle East Cooperation brings together many of our partner organisations in the region, in a close and important cooperation process between its Palestinian and Israeli members. The group meets regularly at the Willy Brandt Centre in Jerusalem for shared educational activities and partnership meetings.

A strategy for the Latin American Falcon Network is currently being developed by the region's Presidium members and the first full Latin American Falcon Network meeting will take place in early 2018.

Some members of the African Falcon Network met in November 2017 and developed a strategy for the future of the region. A fundraising committee has been established and the first full face-to-face African Falcon Network meeting is planned for July/August 2018.

Elected bodies

The Presidium, Control Commission are the main elected bodies that govern IFM-SEI. These bodies plus the IFM-SEI secretariat are responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation. You can find more information by visiting 'The people' page of our website.