January 31, 2016

Sisters & Supporters

Our funders

IFM-SEI receives generous funding from the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission and from the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe for our operating costs as well as for numerous projects European and global projects. The Party of European Socialists (PES) also kindly funds some of our European-based activities on an annual basis.

Socialist family

As a part of the socialist family, we also partner with our fraternal sister organisations: the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY), Young European Socialists (YES), Party of European Socialists (PES), the Socialist International (SI) and the Socialist International Woman (SIW).

Youth platforms

IFM-SEI is a member organisation of the European Youth Forum (YFJ), the Latin American and Caribbean Youth Forum (FLACJ) and the Network of International Youth Organisations in Africa (NIYOA). Through participation in their working groups, statutory meetings and campaigns we make our voice heard together with millions of young people around the world and learn from each other.

We are active in ICMYO, the International Coordination Meeting of Youth Organisations, with the IFM-SEI President sitting on the Task Force. ICMYO brings together regional youth networks and the largest international youth organisations in order to influence global policy-making on youth. Together with our partners in ICMYO, we co-organised the last two World Conferences on Youth in Mexico (2010) and Sri Lanka (2014).

Other partners

The Children's Rights Action Group (CRAG) works to mainstream children's rights in the legislation, policies and actions of the EU institutionsand member states and to secure sufficient and dedicated budget allocations for children. The Secretary General sits on this group. Together with CRAG, we issued the Child Rights Manifesto before the 2014 European elections.

The European Network on Independent Living (ENIL) is a Europe-wide network of disabled people, with members throughout Europe. ENIL is a forum for all disabled people, Independent Living organisations and their non-disabled allies on the issues of Independent Living. IFM-SEI and ENIL have worked together on projects around the inclusion of children and young people with disabilities and ENIL offers support to IFM-SEI's Accessibility Network.

Solidar is the umbrella organisation of over 60 Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) working to advance social justice in Europe and worldwide. IFM-SEI and Solidar share both common values and thematic programme areas, both working within the civil society to strive for a more just, equal world for all. IFM-SEI is getting involved in Solidar's education working group.