November 19, 2017

Educational Resources

Our educational resources are developed as part of bigger projects and edited as a collection of activities and games surrounding a thematic topic related to the aims and principles of IFM-SEI. These resources offer educators - group leaders, peer educators or teachers - lots of easy-to-use activities as well as an introduction to the topic. All publications have two parts - an introduction offering background information, food for thoughts and tips for educators - and an activity part with descriptions of educational methods for different age groups. You can use them in group nights, on seminars and camps, in non-formal and formal education settings.

I Act

The I Act handbook contains educational activities for educators on the topic of the prevention of sexual violence using the bystander model in order to educate children, young people and other educators how to challenge sexual violence as a community.

English Español Français

Rainbow Resources

Rainbow Resources contains educational activities on issues such as identity, gender equality, heteronormativity, bullying, love and families in order to promote human rights education with children on sexuality and gender rights.

English French Spanish German Finnish Lithuanian

Peace Education

The Peace Education handbook contains lots of educational activities on understanding the causes and consequences and dynamics of conflicts, conflict transformation and mediation to promote peace education.

English French Spanish German Arabic Hebrew

Gender Equality

The gender equality handbook contains lots of activities to educate on gender equality, including workshops and activities on stereotypes, gender roles, sexism, discrimination, privileges, non-binary genders and gender identity.

English German Espanol

Child Participation

The Partnerships for Participation handbook contains activities for both educators and children and young people to help plan participation projects and empower children to participate in decision-making.

English Spanish German

All Together

The All Together – Making Inclusion Happen handbook aims to support youth organisations in being more inclusive to young people with fewer opportunities by giving questions for reflection, training ideas and case studies with tips.


All Together Against Climate Change

The Handbook for Action Against Climate Change provides educational activities on climate change with food for thought as well as a step-by-step guide to campaigning on climate change.

English German

Volunteering Against Poverty

The Volunteering Against Poverty publication compiles educational activities that can be used to explore and discuss questions about poverty and inequality, their causes and consequences.

English French Spanish German


The Co-operAction toolkit for young co-operators contains activities about co-operative values and principles, the value of co-operation and supports youth groups to set up a co-operative enterprise.

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Peers Without Frontiers

The Peers without Frontiers publication contains activities to train peer educators and educational activities on the Millennium Development Goals, with sub-sections on poverty, education, health, gender and environmental sustainability.

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Want more?

Some of our educational resources are available in print format in English, and in some cases also in Spanish, French and/or German. If you are interested in receiving a hard copy of any of the educational resources, please contact the IFM-SEI Secretariat at If you or your organisation is interested in translating any of the resources into other languages, please contact the IFM-SEI secretariat at the same contact email address. 


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