February 21, 2016

IFM-SEI Camp: Welcome to Another World

IFM-SEI’s event of the year happened this summer from 23rd July - 5th August!

Hosted by our German member organisation SJD - Die Falken, it took place at the Willy Brandt Zeltlagerplatz in Reinwarzhofen.

The camp brought together 2500 children, young people and leaders from 30 of our member organisations across the globe to live as an international socialist community for 2 weeks and take part in a fun, engaging central programme.

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Re-live the camp

  • Browse the camp blog for news and highlights in English, German and Spanish that were posted during the course of the camp: http://welcome2anotherworld.org/ 
  • Check out the IFM Camp 2016 and the IFM-SEI Facebook pages for lots of updates, photos, videos and live-streams from the camp
  • Look through the IFM-SEI photo albums of camp
  • Find all of the episodes of F! News on Youtube