November 3, 2016


IFM-SEI works on different projects to work and develop our values and to get to accomplish our work plan. Projects that bring together people from our member organisations all over the world and allow us to work together. From these projects, publications and resources are produced to help bring all this work done by a few people to all the member organisations, to multiply.

I Act
Thematic Work Plan
In this project we will look at the prevention of sexual violence from the bystander approach. You are an active bystander when you take responsibility and choose to act when you see something happening that could lead to an act of sexual violence. Each individual action might not seem like it will make a difference but if we all choose to act, it can create a much bigger change.
On The Move
Global project
It is an exciting and ambitious project for 2016–2018 which will cover everything from dealing with visa obstacles to raising awareness of the challenges facing young refugees and migrants and better including them in our organisations. The project will tackle many issues around mobility, all of which are relevant to young people living in a globalised world and who do not want to be stopped by borders!
All In
Study Session
All In is a project that looks at how we can better include children and young people with disabilities in our organisations and communities. Stemming from the study session 'All In - creating inclusive and empowering spaces for all' this project is the heart of the thematic working area on the IFM-SEI work plan 2016-19 of accessibility. We aim to be open and accessible to all children and young people regardless of their physical, cognitive and mental abilities.
The Group Matters
Thematic Work Plan
It's a project that aims to promote group work ans well as help people that want to set up a new group to do so. we want to promote and strengthen children and youth groups as most sustainable places for human rights education and education for democratic citizenship. Groups are the core cells of our non-formal education approach.
Welcome to Another World
International Festival
The camp brought together 2500 children, young people and leaders from 30 of our member organisations across the globe to live as an international socialist community for 2 weeks and take part in a fun, engaging central programme.
Peace Education
Thematic Work Plan
The handbook has been developed in the framework of IFM-SEI’s Peace Education Year 2015, supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.
Partnerships for Participation
Global Project
The Partnerships for Participation project ran throughout 2015 and aimed to strengthen our work on empowering young people to participate in external decision-making. The project sent 10 global EVS volunteers from our member organisations to others across the world to work with teenagers in their local communities.
Charter for All
Study Session
Human Rights and Democracy: they are terms we often hear, they are at the core of our organisations and we want everyone to respect them. But what do Democracy and Human Rights really mean? How can we educate for them in our organisations? And how can we put these big words into practice?
Tackling the Culture of Violence
Study Session
Violence is all around us and affects children and young people even more than adults. Parents hit their children because “it is for their own good”, children bully each other in school, many young women are victims of violence in relationships. Violence comes in many different forms and is not always visible.
All Together 2.0
Thematic Work Plan
This workshop on social inclusion has been developed by the All Together 2.0 project in 2014. It includes several activities, that you can use all in one workshop, or pick and choose for different group nights.
Global Project
Aims to promote the co-operative model of enterprise to young people at risk of unemployment through education, exchange and practical experience of setting up co-operative enterprises in 11 local communities.
Volunteering against Poverty
Global Project
In the project “Volunteering Against Poverty”, EVS volunteers around the world have worked on raising awareness of poverty and inequality. Throughout the year 2012, the young people supported 11 member organisations of IFM-SEI in running local projects on the topic, and together they developed a set of resources around poverty and inequality.