February 19, 2016

Latin America

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Agrupacion Integridad Absoluta
Agrupacion Juvenil y Cultural Integridad Absoluta is based in La Serena and Coquimbo and works to promote the rights of children and youth. It has projects such as a school orchestra, organises traditional activities for young people and cooperates with local council organisations to protect and promote the rights of children in Kindergartens.
Club Infantil 23 de Mayo CHAP
Club Infantil 23 de Mayo - CHAP is a cultural and educational association that supports the civic education of children and youth. This work is developed through projects, workshops and recreational activities.
Fundacion Acacia
Acacia is dedicated to the defence and education of children's rights and empowerment of young people through non-formal education and fun. It works in Santa Cecilia in Northern Bogota for the rights of children, human rights, youth citizenship, sustainable development, peace and reconciliation issues.
Mentes en Accion
Mentes en Accion is based in San Pedro Sulas. They organise educational activities and projects, distributing materials and food to schools and communities. Projects include helping children in an orphanage with class-tutoring and extra-curricular activities such as sports, arts and games, and running outdoor activities for young people.
The Children's Movement Luis Alfonso Velásquez Flores (MILAVF) promotes solidarity, confidence, participation, democracy, respect, equality, and responsibility. MILAVF defends the rights of children and young people, creating opportunities for them to be protagonists of the organisation and foster personal and social development in their own communities.
Mirim Brasil
Mirim Brasil works from Recife to defends and promotes human and children's rights in Brazil and worldwide but also envisages a world where people have the same conditions to exercise their equal rights. It supports strategies for fighting inequality, encourages grassroots organising and active citizenship, and promotes the radicalization of democracy.
Mundo Nuevo
Mundo Nuevo Juventud en Accion believes in education based on a culture of peace, solidarity and social inclusion. It is inclusive towards all groups and encourages active participation of young people as protagonists of social change. Mundo Nuevo empowers youth who, in turn, motivate children and other young people in their principles.
Nueva Generacion
Nueva Generacion brings together people who want to help improve the situation of children and youth of Bolivia, promoting their rights, helping to educate values and principles of solidarity, and respect through music, recreational games, hiking, camping, and activities.
Manque Chile
Club Infantil Juvenil Los Cachorros


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