February 21, 2016


International Summerschool 2017: Acting for Peace - Overcoming Violence

When: 20-27 August 2017

Where: Kurt Lówenstein House, Werftpfuhl, Germany

Who: open to IFM-SEI members aged 18-27 

You are warmly invited to the International Summerschool 2017 'Acting for Peace - Overcoming Violence'. With around 50 other comrades from all over ther world, you will explore what is going on in and around Europe with regards to conflict and peace. What are the reasons for violent conflicts and cruel wars? What has (neo-)colonialism have to do with it? How can societies find a way out of conflict and recreate a democratic social order? What is peace eventually? And what is our role as young European activists in the consolidation of peace? All these questions and more will be explored. In addition to sharing projects and lots of political debates, we will not forget to have fun together, self-organized by the participants and we will spend a day in Berlin.

The deadline to apply is 15 July. You can register by following this link. You can also join the KLH international Facebook group for more updates. 

IFM-SEI Presidium meeting

When: 30-31 August 2017

Where: Utøya, Norway

Who: Presidium members and Chair of Control Commission

Framfylkingen is kindly hosting the third face-to-face Presidium meeting of 2017 on the island of Utøya, shortly before the Willy Brandt Conference. This is the opportunity for the Presidium to plan future work, discuss policy and monitor the finances and strategic work plan of the organisation.

Willy Brandt Conference - Youth Against Extremism

When: 1-3 September 2017

Where: Utøya, Norway

Who: Hosted by Framfylkingen, open to IFM-SEI members aged 17-26

Framfylkingen, in partnership with IFM-SEI, is hosting the Willy Brandt Conference - Youth Against Extremism to build awareness around the topic of extremism. Participants will practice democratic education with the vision of building a network of youth standing together to fight extremism.

'I Act' international action day planning meeting

When: 7-10 September 2017

Where: Tbilisi, Georgia

Who: Motivated participants from the Training of Trainers for the prevention of sexual violence

Eight participants from the will come together to coordinate the International Action Day on the 25 November 2017, the Day of the Elimination of Violence Against Women, as part of the 'I Act' for the prevention of sexual violence project. The planning team will produce materials and resources for member organisations to use when running activities on this day across the world.

In partnership with the European Youth Foundation. You can find out more about the project here and look at the existing campaign materials here

International seminar: Community, Care and Capitalism - Who cares?

When: 14-20 November 2017

Where: Kurt Löwenstein Haus, Werftpfuhl, Germany

Who: IFM-SEI members aged 18-27

As Nancy Fraser says social reproduction 'com-prising both affective and material labour, and often performed without pay - is indispensable to society'. But who cares for whom? Why is it especially women and migrants taking care of others without being appropriately recognized for it? And what does our capitalist society do with people who are stigmatized as non-functio-nal (e.g. suffering from mental health issues)? In our seminar we want to explore feminist theories and critiques of capitalism of care and health. We want to develop ideas of how to respond to capitalist gender division of labour and how to build communities that take care of each other.

'I Act' international action day - 25 November

When: 25 November 2017

Where: Worldwide

Who: Motivated participants from the I Act Training of Trainers

Coordinated around the Day of the Elimination of Violence Against Women, IFM-SEI member organisations will be given tools, resources, motivation and confidence to run activities around the ‘I Act’ for the prevention of sexual violence project all across the world on a local or national level. This could be a training day, public action or social media campaign!

In partnership with the European Youth Foundation. You can find out more about the project here.

On The Move Africa Region Meeting

When: 12-19 November 2017

Where: Nsawam, Ghana

Who: 3x members each from YAG (Ghana), Pionniers du Senegal, Pionniers du Mali and ASYOUSED (Cameroon)

The penultimate activity of the global project On The Move, will see members from the African partner organisations of the project come together to put the learning from the project in action in a regional context. Participants will explore topics such as intercultural learning, youth mobility and regional youth work, visa tips and tricks, fundraising strategies and project planning in action.

More information will be available in August 2017.


Participation Island - Nuoret Kotkat 75 years Jubilee Camp 2018


When: 25 July to 1 August 2018

Where: Bengtsår Camps Island, Hanko, Finland

Who: Nuoret Kotkat with international participants

Welcome to the most amazing camp of this century! The Participation Island jubilee camp will be held on the beautiful Bengtsår Camps Island in the Finnish Archipelago Sea. The camp will bring together children's groups from across the world on our own private island campsite. This is an event you don't want to miss - stat planning now!

You can read more by following this link to the Nuoret Kotkat website.

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