December 15, 2011


The International Falcon Movement–Socialist Educational International is an international educational movement working to empower children and young people to take an active role in society and fight for their rights. We are an umbrella organisation for child and youth-led movements all over the world, educating on the basis of our values of equality, democracy, peace, co- operation and friendship. Through our member organisations and our international activities, we aim to ensure that children and young people are well informed about their rights and are empowered to ensure they are respected. To reach this goal, we organise a variety of activities including; seminars, training courses, international camps and conferences.

IFM-SEI has a long history, starting with our very first international camp in the twenties.

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Annual Reports


IFM-SEI report 2010-2013


IFM-SEI report 2012


IFM-SEI report 2014


IFM-SEI report 2015

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IFM-SEI report 2013-2016


Our values

  • The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is a key document in all our work. Through peer education, we educate children and young people about their rights and support them to ensure they are respected.
  • Education is the most powerful tool to achieve social change. Through non-formal education, we create a space for children and young people to develop critical awareness and empower them to challenge the inequalities in our world.
  • We educate and campaign for an inclusive and equal society. Therefore we combat any kind of discrimination such as fascism, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, trans*phobia and misogyny within and outside of our organisations.
  • We are a feminist organisation fighting against patriarchy and for equality of all genders. We reject the gender binary and recognise there are more than two genders. We educate for equal rights and awareness of gender stereotypes, discrimination and privileges.
  • Society’s capitalist system creates inequality. We undertake critical education to understand the mechanisms behind this system and to fight all forms of exploitation and end poverty. We aim to include everyone in our activities no matter their economic means.
  • Children are able to make decisions, have valid opinions and should be able to participate in inclusive, meaningful decision-making. Democratic processes govern our movement; children and young people are involved in all levels, from local groups to world congress.
  • Our motto is “Span the world with friendship”. Only by coming together as a global movement will we be able to challenge and change the current world order. We actively encourage solidarity by providing opportunities for inter-cultural exchange and learning to take place.
  • Peace is more than just the absence of war. We are dedicated to a world free from abuse, war, bullying, discrimination, exclusion and fear. We choose peace and peace education that criticises reality but that also gives an alternative where conflicts are peacefully transformed.
  • Consumerism and exploitation of natural resources is connected to climate change, disproportionately affecting poor people. We encourage environmental protection and sustainability so everyone can have a healthy, stimulating, secure environment.
  • We are dedicated to a world where everyone can live in freedom unbound by war, borders, undemocratic systems or poverty. Everyone has the right to freedom of choice, speech and to develop their own identity as long as it does not restrict other’s human rights.

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Our Projects

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