Exciting projects in Zimbabwe!

Our member organisation in Zimbabwe, Patsimeredu Edutainment Trust, had a lot of projects going on in the last months. Do you want to know about some of them?

Buddyz for Luv Project

During the last quarter, Patsimeredu conducted the annual Buddyz for luv drama competitions in all the six provinces of the country where they have working presence. A total of 39 clubs participated in the 2017 Buddyz for Luv drama competitions .The competitions reached out to a total of 800 students and teachers across the six provinces. The drama competitions are part of a support structure within the project to allow the project beneficiaries a chance to articulate issues on Sexual and reproductive health including, HIV and AIDS, teenage pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse as they see it from their own lens through performing arts.

Exchange Project

Patsimeredu in partnership with Ungar Ornar Blekinge/Sweden run an exchange project which entails inter-culture exchange through young people visiting Zimbabwe from Sweden and young people visiting Sweden from Zimbabwe. The one week long exchange visit involves leadership training targeted at the young people as well as exchange of ideas, knowledge and cultures. The thrust of the annual exchange visit is aimed at allowing the two groups to learn from each other, compare the gaps and develop contextually relevant solutions to some of their challenges.