Call for hosts of International Committee 2018

IFM-SEI Presidium is looking for IFM-SEI organisations with the enthusiasm, capacity and ability to host the IFM-SEI International Committee meeting in 2018 The International Committee meeting 2017 was hosted by the Slovenian Falcons in Portorož, Slovenia, therefore we seek an organisation outside of Europe to host the meeting.

What is an International Committee meeting?

International Committee meetings are the second highest decision-makingbody of IFM-SEI, after the Congress, and they take place once a year in the years that the Congress does not take place (the Congress takes place every three years). The International Committee brings together members from all IFM-SEI member organisations and each member organisation is entitled to one delegate. Participation usually is made up of 30-60 people, plus the guests from the hosting organisation/country. International Committee meetings usually take place over two full days and three nights.

When: May or June 2018.

Role of the hosting organisation:

  • Arrange the booking of accommodation for the duration of the meeting (usually three nights)
  • Organise meals and refreshments for the duration of the meeting
  • Arrange the booking of a suitable venue (including breakout spaces if necessary)
  • Coordinate local transport for participants or provide instructions for participants to make their own way to the accommodation/meeting venue(s)
  • Support the visa application process, if applicable
  • Provide necessary materials and technical equipment (e.g. stationery, mains electricity, flipchart stand, projector)
  • Collate information needed for technical details
  • Support cultural or social elements of the programme, if relevant
  • Be in regular communication with the IFM-SEI Secretariat and adhere to agreed deadlines
  • Ensure that all costs are within the agreed allocated budget and provide invoices/receipts for all services

If you are interested in hosting the International Committee meeting and your organisation has the capacity to do so, please send a letter to outlining the following:

  • Whether you would like to host a Presidium meeting or an International Committee meeting
  • Your suggestion of location and dates/timings
  • An estimated budget per person (calculated for 30, 45 and 60 people) for:
    • Accommodation for 3 nights per person
    • Food and refreshments for 3 nights per person
    • Meeting room hire for 2 full days
    • Local transport between the international airport and hotel/meeting venue per person
  • Your relation with the ministry/body dealing with visa processes in your country (if applicable)
  • Overview of any countries whose citizens would have difficulty in attending because of diplomatic issues
  • Your motivation to host a meeting

If you are able to suggest or offer co-financing for the meeting, we would ask for you to please outline this in your application.

If you already expressed interest in hosting a meeting in 2018, your expression of interest will automatically be considered, however you are more than welcome to send an updated proposal if you wish.

If you have any questions please contact Carly on Deadline for expressions of interest: Saturday 30 September 2017 (for consideration by IFM-SEI Presidium).

You can find the PDF of the call by following this link