Call for European partners – “ Reach out! Partnering for International Friendship” seminar

We are currently looking for partner organisations for the international seminar “Reach out! Partnering for International Friendship”, open to all European IFM-SEI member organisations. The seminar will be hosted by Esplac in Catalonia. In order to participate you must provide the information outlined below by Friday 29th September 2017. Please send your email to The seminar is a part of IFM-SEI’s project “Reach out! Bringing international to local”.


 The project “Reach out!” aims at working on bringing IFM-SEI’s international work to reach the grassroots and local groups, as part of the Capacity Building area from IFM-SEI’s work plan. We want to bring together people from different local groups who ideally have never attended any international activities before. Together, we will explore the potentials of international work and bilateral partnerships and develop a strategy to reach the grassroots. The seminar is to be confirmed, pending the success of an application to the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission. All IFM-SEI member organisations in Europe are invited to join the seminar.

Location and date

 The proposed activity would take place on 7-14 May 2018, including arrival and departure days. The location is yet to be confirmed, but will be at a hostel close to Barcelona, with easy public transportation from the Barcelona “El Prat” airport.
The participants of the seminar will also visit the “Esplaiada” -a gathering of all local esplais from Esplac that happens every 3 years and bring together thousands of people- that will take place the weekend of the 11th-13th of May in Catalonia.

Read the full Call for European partners- Reach out! Partnering for international Friendship