NO TENIM POR! – We are not afraid

The attacks occurred last 17th of August have hit us hard and painfully. We have witnessed one of the true faces of terrorism and, among the victims, we have found our neighbours, friends of friends and many tourists coming from different parts of the planet to visit our beloved capital city.

Unfortunately, this is not the only terrorist attack of the summer. Actually, only in July 154 jihadist terror attacks took place, causing 744 deaths, mainly in Muslim countries.

Besides, Muslim communities are double victims. As we have seen in recent times, and we have already condemned in Esplac’s resolution “Reject Islamphobia!” approved last November, the racist attacks against these communities are dizzily growing in a wide range of forms such as school bullying because of faith, vandalism of mosques or hate speech in social networks but also from institutions and some political parties.

Esplais Catalans condemn the terror attack as we always have condemned every act of violence, and we also reassess our position that education is the best weapon to defend fundamental freedoms and fight against fear and cowardice wherever coming from.

Our reaction is to keep on working on what we know it really matters, transforming through education and keep on doing our activities in total normality. This summer, 69 esplai groups have organised over 154 different activities: camps, hikings, international exchanges and work camps. Now we go back to our year activities with even more esplai energy!