Youth exchange hiking in the island of Menorca!

Join esplai Vic-Remei (ESPLAC) in their youth exchange hiking in the island of Menorca (Spain)!

The esplai Vic-Remei from Manresa (Esplac) is searching for an international group for a summer youth exchange. Don’t miss this opportunity of getting to know the youngsters of an esplai while discovering the nature wonders of the island Menorca!
Activity: Hiking in Menorca “Ruta de Cavalls”
Size of the group: 10 – 15 kids + 2 – 4 leaders.
Age of participants: 15 – 17 year old
Dates: 8th – 17th August
Estimated cost: 120 euros (maximum).
Travel costs not included.
Organisers: Esplai Vic-Remei