YO! Fest 2017: Generation Maastricht

The 8th edition of the YO!Fest (Youth Opinion Festival) is around the corner, and IFM-SEI is organising some activities and wants to send a delegation.

This event is organised by the European Youth Forum and is aiming to celebrate Youth Work in Europe with various organizations that do that by having a festival organised by and for young people where they, we, can get together and share our work and experiences by having fun.

We ask that you distribute this inside your organisations.

When and what?

     6th February, 6 pm – 3am

     Welcome concerts at Muziekgieterij.

     7th February, 10 am – 7 pm

     YO!Fest activities 10 am – 7 pm: debates, workshops, leisure activities, cultural

     and artistic performances, and so much more at Sphinxkwartier.

     7th February, 7 pm – 5 am

      Concerts, DJs and fun activities at Muziekgieterij, featuring the winners of the

     Emerging Bands Contest (www.yofestebc.eu)

Sphinxkwartier, Maastricht, the Netherlands

How to get there?
All the information in the practical information section of the website.

The festival is open to everyone! Participation is FREE!
As IFM-SEI we’ll be sending a delegation who will also help run the activities proposed by us. So if you want to join us, take into account that this is expected of you.

Please fill in this form by the 25th January so we can see who wants to join us from IFM-SEI, when the delegation is made we you will receive your the ticket.

How much?
The YO!Fest is FREE, as long as you register in advance and attend the festival during the day and participate in the activities.
Please note that an entry fee of 10 EUR will apply if you join the festival after 5 pm on 7th February.
As per accommodation and travel, IFM-SEI can reimburse up to 100€ per participant (and up to 10 participants). We are looking into finding cheap accommodation.

More information in the YO! Fest webpage and facebook and at the event.