On the Move seminar II – exploring visas

‘On the Move’ is our exciting global project for 2016–2018 which tackles many issues around mobility, all of which are relevant to young people living in a globalised world and who do not want to be stopped by borders! The project was launched with a kick off event at IFM-SEI Camp 2016 and followed up with our first seminar in November on migration and refugees. We’re excited to announce the next seminar in our project is on visas, taking place in Recife, is now open to the following partner organisations in the project:

Africa: Youth Advocates Ghana, Pionniers du Mali and Pionniers du Senegal

Latin America: Nueva Generación (Bolivia), Mirim Brasil, MILAVF (Nicaragua) and Los Cachorros (Peru)

Europe: Esplac (Catalunya), Kinderfreunde/Rote Falken (Austria), Woodcraft Folk (UK) and SJD Die Falken (Germany)

On The Move seminar on visas, 13-20 March 2017

On 13-20 March 2017, the second On the Move seminar will take place in Recife. All partner organisations will send one participant to a seminar on visas.

In a small group of around 15 people, we will:

  • Reflect and educate – think about why young people are crossing borders, discuss the realities of visas from a structural approach and with an anti-capitalist critique, and analyse the current visa codes and EU directive
  • Discuss and share – our stories and experiences with visas, analyse the results of the IFM-SEI visa survey and meet with embassies to share our views and demands on visa regulations
  • Planning and supporting others – share ideas and create a plan for an IFM-SEI visa website for members of IFM-SEI and wider, from setting objectives to developing content together

Deadline to apply Wednesday 4 January at 23:59 (CET). Invitation On The Move visas meeting – Recife (English) (Español)

The seminar is only open to the partner organisations, but in 2017 we will offer an online training course on refugees and migration for everyone interested in the topic, so look out for more information soon!