IYF news!

IYF news, in the last two months IYF conducting several activities as follows:

iyf1– Closing workshop, which was carried out by the independent Youth Forum about the project of Harnessing Palestinian Capacity to Claim and Advocate their Rights through Video Evidence, 2016 which funded by the Secretariat of human rights and international humanitarian law, the workshop hold at the headquarters of the hizma municipal council 19/11/2016, the workshop focused on the main results such as the violation report in the targeted area.

– Tow girls from IYF team Jaklin and Eman conducting training course about the conflict, 25 young people from IYF members attended the training which focus on how we can deal with conflict and What is the role of young people in conflict resolution?, What are the mechanics of the most efficacy solution?, the training carried out in collaboration with .taawon institution for conflict resolution.

iyf2– On the occasion of World Children’s Day 2016, three young girls from IYF members (Amal, Nadeen, Aya) conducting workshop, 30 children join the workshop which focus on the children rights and the role of children in the society.

– IYF hosted foreign visitors (Laurie and Ruth) from woodcraft and Cynthia Wang the volunteer with Palestinian monitor in the Jerusalem area to show them the activities of the Forum and living conditions in the area, particularly children conditions according the Israeli violation in (area C) east Jerusalem.

– IYF has also launched its website and databank.

Article contributed by IYF