We know our groups matter!

jumping groupWhy does your group matter to you? 

The Group Matters campaign is well underway, and following our preparation seminar in February IFM-SEI and representatives from our member organisations have been working really hard to ensure all the necessary provisions are in place so we can effectively support member organisations to strengthen their groups and also to support individuals and organisations who would like to start a totally new group!

Whether you’re a group of people already connected to an organisation or not, or an individual with an idea – it does not matter! What matters is that you share the same passion, values and goals of IFM-SEI and that you want to start a new group!

Groups are the core cells of our non-formal educational approach where children grow up in solidarity with each other, co-operate with one another and gradually take more responsibility for themselves and have a greater understanding of the wider world around them. By advocating and presenting the need for social change within our groups, we are aiding the next generation of active citizens and guiding them towards a better tomorrow. Our groups are imperative, not only for the children and young people we work with, but for families and our communities too. We want to strengthen and promote our groups as being the most sustainable places for human rights education and education for democratic citizenship and of course to continue to span the world with friendship!

train for change workshopThere will be a dedicated programme area at the IFM-SEI camp 2016 ‘Welcome to Another World’, the Group Helper School. This area will be a valuable source of information for new leaders and will include a resource and information library as well as workshops covering all aspects of group work and delivering non formal socialist education to children and young people. It is also a great way to understand more about IFM-SEI and our different member organisations.

This campaign has many different elements and sources of support for new groups, and would not be possible without the help, advice and working collaborations of our existing members.  We want to hear from you – tell us why your group matters to you! Ask your group what they like about it, and what activities they have enjoyed most! Please send your responses and some pictures to sonia@ifm-sei.org so we can share all the wonderful work you are doing and show why our groups matter!