Slovenian Falcons coming to the IFM-SEI camp

Meet Tamara and read about why the Slovenian Falcons are excited about coming to the IFM-SEI Camp!

Who's coming to the camp2My name is Tamara and I’m 27 years old. I live in the oldest town, named Ptuj, in Slovenia, a lovely and small country. I have finished studying law and now, besides my job, I work as an aerobics and zumba instructor and work with adults and children. I spend my free time with my friends, hiking, running or drinking coffee 🙂

In December we established the Slovenian Falcons, with huge support from international guests from Austria and Germany. I’m a member of the recently established Slovenian Falcon Youth Union, and I am the president of one of the 6 founding societies.

We are really really motivated to come to the IFM-SEI camp. So, our plans for this year are to join the IFM-SEI organisation and also come to the IFM-SEI camp!

I went to the IFM-SEI camp preparation seminar, which really inspired me. I wish to share my inspiration with as many Slovenian Falcons, by attending the IFM-SEI camp.

Because we have only just established our union, we are working on getting more people to join. We are expecting that the people who will join will be age 15 and up. We still do not have another group to camp with us, but we are intensively looking for the other group. We also made a promotional video which can be seen on the facebook event page…24423295481/ and on vimeo (you should see it!)

We are excited for the camp and are hoping to find knowledge and motivation for our future work in a happy and working atmosphere. We are looking forward to seeing you there – welcome to another world!!