Los Cachorros gets musical

We do non-formal education workshops, such as English, mathematics, computing, dancing, music, crafts and theatre. These workshops are aimed at children and young people from 6 to 16 years old. Our organization is concerned about the education and training of children and young people. So for us, it is very important to teach these courses and to do these workshops.

los cachorros 2For these first few months of 2016 we are going to work with our music band. Here, each child and young person can freely express their passion for music. They can learn to play the drum, tambourine, bugle and many other musical instruments like the trumpet and the saxophone.

At the end of each month we visit cultural centres like museums, theatres, and green areas located outside the city. We believe it is very important for our members to learn the importance and love of nature.

los cachorros 3 On special dates for us like Mother’s day and Christmas we do artistic events and shows to encourage the artistic participation of each one of our members.

Finally, we have regular talks and meetings aimed at children and young people. We teach important values like love, peace, solidarity and integration, and more to help with the formation for each one our members.