Camp matchmaking: Find a village partner

At the IFM-SEI Camp 2016, everyone will camp in villages which will be made up of two or more groups including one German Falcon group and one or more international delegation or group.

matchmaking1For the villages to work well, you need to find a good match! To do this, it’s important to share information about your normal camp culture and expectations of the IFM Camp. You might want to find a delegation with a similar age group, similar ideas about what is important for you on a camp or similar expectations about smoking and alcohol.

If you have found a match, or already know who you want to live with in a village, then you should mention this in your registration. If you don’t already know, then don’t worry!

We have lots of different methods to help you find a partner organisation or group. There is a matchmaking questionnaire for you to fill out, a Dropbox space…-sHP_UCsgtqa?dl=0 to share things and a Facebook event page…24423295481/ where you can make posts, share photos and discuss your camp culture with other participants.

At the preparation seminar in October, people made a good start finding a partner to camp with. Some participants made posters and videos in a ‘Village Tinder’ workshop in order to help find their perfect match. But don’t worry if you weren’t at the preparation seminar! Most groups still have to find a partner so why not make your own video or poster, have a look at others’ and get in touch with them by email or on the Facebook event? Remember to leave an email address so that others can get in touch with you!

group photo with tentsWe hope that you will be able to find a good match but when it gets closer to the booking deadline then we can help do some matchmaking – we just need to know your priorities, so make sure you at least fill in the questionnaire and send it to Frankie We will put it into the dropbox folder for all to see.

A final plan for the composition of the villages and towns will be determined after the final registration deadline when we have all of your data. As soon as you know your partner, you can meet at the next prep seminar in May, organise solidarity campaigns together and start spanning the world with friendship!