Festival of the youth press

The “Tama-Presse” festival is a creative writing and cultural activities meeting for young people from all regions of Senegal. It is held annually in a different town during summer holidays and brings together several teams of 10 people each. This festival is the perfect place to promote interpersonal expression and cultural exchange between youth newsrooms. The eighth edition was hosted by the team of Senegal Pioneers.

The “Pioneers-Press” is one of the first participants in the Tama-Presse festival. Indeed, this newspaper, along with that of the Senegalese Red Cross, are the only two papers published by youth movements to be members of the Senegalese Youth Press Association.

This year’s festival focused on the theme “The young press at the service of the French language and cultural mix”. It showed how the French language is a communication tool through journalism promoted by the Senegalese Youth Press Association. Also, it enhanced the Senegalese cultural vitality through the exchange and sharing of traditions and cultures. It was held from 11 to 16 September 2014 in Dakar.

2015 Summer Camp

Also this summer, the Senegalese Pioneers held a summer camp. It took place from 3–12 September and was organised in collaboration with the Senegalese Association of Friends of Nature and Special Olympics Senegal, an association that educates children with disabilities. It took place at the house of the Friends of Nature “Alioune Diagne Mbor” based in Mbao, a suburb of Dakar.

This holiday camp housed 105 children and 25 leaders and was part of the civic holiday program. The camp was visited by the Senegalese Minister of Youth who paid a tribute to the Pioneers of Senegal by praising their educational efforts for children.

Article written by the Pionniers du Senegal.