Take a stand against harassment and violence towards women

Verbal harassment is increasing in Palestine, a late study about this issue showed that most young Palestinian women were/are/expect to be physically or verbally harassed at some point or another. For this purpose, IYU decided to take a stand against harassment since late 2014.

Hence, in 2015 IYU and two other left-wing youth movements in Palestine launched the Campaign “Take a stand against harassment and violence towards women” in Palestine. The Campaign is led by gender-mixed young people from the three movements.

A main activity that IYU runs for its own members as part of the campaign was held in May. It was a self-defence seminar for 30 young women, under the title “Ways to defend ourselves from harassment and violence”.

At the end of the seminar the group decided to act and start raising awareness about this problem and formed a flash mob team that will visit different universities and areas to perform their act in order to raise more awareness towards this problem.

The campaign team decided to use this seminar and the outcomes and apply it in the other two youth movements.

Article by IYU