International Committee in Peru

This year IFM-SEI members held their annual International Committee Meeting in Peru and discussed the future of our international.

Around 45 delegates from IFM-SEI member organisations met at the annual International Committee Meeting of our movement that took place in Nana, Peru from 11–14 June 2015.

The meeting was jointly hosted by our three Peruvian member organisations 23 de Mayo CHAP, Mundo Nuevo and Los Cachorros and we had the chance to get to know all three organisations during our stay. While the young members of CHAP joined us in Nana to share their work on children’s rights with us, the delegates could visit Mundo Nuevo and Los Cachorros in Lima.

The meeting had a charged agenda to plan our work for the next years. Delegates discussed the draft Code of Conduct for IFM-SEI, continued with the preparations of the next international camp, and gave first ideas for the strategy and work plan that will lead our work from 2016 to 2019. Of course also the usual agenda items such as financial and membership questions were discussed at length by the member organisations present. Finally, also sharing and learning came not too short in Peru. The participants reflected on their child participation practices and had the chance to share their approaches with each other.