Camp fundraising guide

You need money to get to the IFM-SEI Camp? Then have a look in our fundraising guide and get your friends together to collect as much as possible for your participation at “Welcome in Another World”.


Your local community is the natural place to begin when fundraising for the camp. IFM organisations have always found a way to raise money to go to an international summer camp and also to support other groups with higher travel costs. This guide aims to help all IFM organisations to raise money in order to come to the next big IFM camp, Welcome to Another World, in the summer of 2016.

You should try to start your fundraising as early as you can and have a fundraising plan with key targets and milestones to keep you on track. Think about your aim: Do you want to fundraise enough money to pay half the camp fee of all the members in your group? Or do you want to be able to pay the plane tickets of three children coming from a partner organisation outside Europe? Don’t forget to involve children and young people in the fundraising – it can be a fun activity for members of all ages to do and they may come up with exciting ideas you hadn’t considered!

Why should others give you money?

Before you start approaching possible funders, think about good arguments why they should support your participation at the IFM camp. Why will it be good for the community that you go to the camp? What will you learn? How will you benefit from your participation at the camp? Think of all the new friends and partners from around the world that your group can make, and about the things you will learn through the camp programme that will help you to improve the programme of your group afterwards.

For detailed ideas and tips on fundraising, have a look into the guide in English, German, Spanish and French!