Queer Easter 2015

This year’s Queer Easter seminar will take place from 30 March to 6 April in the KLH close to Berlin.

Queer Easter is our annual LGBT*IQ seminar, bringing together almost 100 young activists to discuss, learn and share experiences about everything queer. The seminar is organised by the international team of the Kurt-Loewenstein Education Centre in Werftpfuhl, Germany.

The thematic focus this year will be on ‘Critical sex positivism, bodies and Intersectionality’.

Please register here for the seminar.

The deadline for registration is the 15th of March. If you need a visa to enter Germany, we will need all the data for the visa application by the 1st of March.

The participation fee per person depends on the country you come from and will be 30–75 €. For some countries we might be able to provide limited travel cost contributions. If you have any questions, if you need more information, if you have any remarks, do not hesitate to contact Jane Baneth j.baneth@kurt-loewenstein.de.