Study Session: Charter for All

EXTENDED DEADLINE!! IFM-SEI is looking for participants for the next study session in Strasbourg, ‘Charter for All: Putting Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education into practice’

Study Session

Human Rights and Democracy: they are terms we often hear, they are at the core of our organisations and we want everyone to respect them. But what do Democracy and Human Rights really mean? How can we educate for them in our organisations? And how can we put these big words into practice?

At the IFM-SEI Study Session in Strasbourg, we will discuss these questions, share our methodology for Human Rights Education and Education for Democratic Citizenship, and think about how we can promote this kind of education in our organisations and beyond. All Together 2.0 Germany

We will use the child-friendly version of the Council of Europe Charter for Human Rights Education and Education for Democratic Citizenship to inspire us and help us to improve our work for Human Rights and Democracy!

We are looking for motivated participants from our European member organisations and other youth organisations who have experience of working directly with children or young people and will be ready and willing to multiply what they have learned by running HRE/EDC activities in their groups and in promoting HRE/EDC among other youth leaders on their return.

If you are interested, please apply by 1st of April through the online application form (…YwU/viewform?…) and spread the call as widely as possible. Because the study session is financed by the Council of Europe, this call is only open for Europeans.

The study session is held in cooperation with the Youth Department of the Council of Europe.