News from Faucons Rouges

Faucons Rouges2015 will once again be a busy year for the Faucons Rouges in Belgium. It starts in February with a fair of NGOs, social enterprises and communities who showcase their work, find new partners and discuss ongoing projects. Together with the scout movements, Faucons Rouges will be very visible at this fair in Marche-en Famenne!

It’s followed shortly afterwards by a conference organised between local communities and youth movements about the organisation of summer camps. Once upon a time, farmers gave their fields for free so that youth organisations could do their summer camps – now this is getting more and more difficult, and Faucons Rouges will discuss together with municipalities how camps can best be organised in the interest of all.

In April, Faucons Rouges organises their first training of trainers of the year, focussing on new leaders for summer camps and vacation centres.

And finally, our Wallonian movement is still actively promoting cycling for children and youth groups and the security of young cyclers on the road. You would like to take your group cycling to the next summer camp? Check out the website for online games and information on road security for children on bikes!